Software and Data

SONYC-UST-V2 SONYC-UST-V2: An Urban Sound Tagging Dataset with Spatiotemporal Context
SONYC-UST SONYC Urban Sound Tagging (SONYC-UST): a multilabel dataset from an urban acoustic sensor network
URBAN-SED 10,000 synthesized soundscapes with strong annotations
VocalSketch Vocal imitations of a large set of diverse sounds
VimSketch Vocal imitations of an even larger set of diverse sounds (VocalSketch combined with Vocal Imitation Set)
Tunebot A query-by-humming dataset with 10,000 sung contributions
DCASE UST Baseline 2019 DCASE Urban Sound Tagging baseline system
Scaper A Python library for soundscape synthesis and augmentation
CAQE A Python web application for collecting crowdsourced audio quality evaluations
LPC Toolkit A toolkit of Max objects to use real-time linear predictive coding in creative projects